The gloves come off…


Untested 28GHz radiation blasting from millions of new hidden antennas and tuned-up “smart” meters. A corporate free-for-all, with oversight eliminated. Total, for-profit surveillance. An “internet of everything” with “hundreds of billions of microchippable products”. Everywhere and everything… and eventually, everyone.

This is not sci-fi. This is FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler’s insane new plan, slickly badged as “5G”.


The government’s own NTP cancer study inconveniently concluded that yes — cellular radiation DOES increase cancer. Now, the industy-lobbyist-turned-government-czar gave an uber-creepy speech invoking technocracy’s endgame with a stomach-churning sense of urgency.

Check out Wheeler’s creepy speech for yourself, here. He stammers through it like a man mostly-possessed. This is desperation on their part. They know full well that the next phase of the megalomanic rollout needs to happen before the SHTF for them, and the tipping point is reached in terms of a convergent awareness of wireless health / surveillance / technocratic insanity — and their liability.

So let’s engage and make some noise. Your voice is needed today. This plan is being fast-tracked & voted on, Thursday July 14. Let the FCC and this government know that if they do not listen to science and reason, they will be held accountable and liable for their actions. Money is not only their god – it’s their language.


Here is a list of science-based resources:
1) 34 Scientific Studies Showing Adverse Health Effects From Wi-Fi:
2) Several thousand studies that indicate a biological effect and/or harm:
3) Radiofrequency science charts to visually compare studies, radiation intensities and biological effects:
4) Apple manual states to keep your iPhone away from your body at all times:
5) Study: Mobile phones are cooking men’s sperm:
6) Brain surgeon Dr Charlie Teo warns against mobiles, wireless home appliances:
7) American Academy of Pediatrics warns: Limit children’s exposure to cellphones:
8) More than 60 international warnings on Wi-Fi and microwave radiation:
9) A List of Teacher Unions and Parent Teacher Organizations Taking Action On Wi-Fi (USA, Canada, UK, etc):
10) TED Talk from a former Environmental Engineer in Silicon Valley:
11) Insurance giant Swiss RE has given electromagnetic frequencies the HIGHEST possible long term risk rating:
12) Another insurance giant, Lloyd’s of London, will not insure anything wireless:
13) Risk Management Magazine – The Invisible Threat: Radiofrequency Radiation Risk
14) US CDC retracts cellphone radiation warning following pressure from industry lobbyists:
15) WHO involved in suppression of additional science showing harm, since 2011:
16) Study Uncovers How Electromagnetic Fields Amplify Pain in Amputees
17) CEO of 1 Billion-dollar U.K. company speaks out on microwave sickness:
18) Dozens of specific scientific abstracts that all show harm:
19) Solutions: Reducing Wirelesss Radiation and EMF
20) Solutions: Reducing Your EMF Exposure
21) Cell Phone Radiation Boosts Cancer Rates in Animals; $25 Million NTP Study Finds Brain Tumors