SHOCKER – Mind Control Leak – Shows Individual & Mass Psychotronic Mind Control

mc5As We Have Been Warning For Years… Mass Individual And Group Psycho-Electronic Mind Control Has Been Revealed

By Sputnik News

A journalist doing routine Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, a way for US citizens to petition the government for information, was sent something he didn’t exactly ask for and probably could not have dreamed of – documents on mind control – and a few other gems.

The documents show a human diagram with descriptors of the weapon capabilities that correspond to each part of our anatomy.

The psycho-electronic weapon supposedly can effectuate “forced memory blanking and induced erroneous actions,” the reading and broadcasting of thoughts, “forced manipulation of airways, including externally controlled forced speech,” itching in “hard-to-reach areas” and dream control. 


The document also claims the weapon can induce a “forced orgasm.” But with great power comes great responsibility, as it can apparently also be used to cause itching and “intense pain” in the genital area.

Other pages in the document depict supposed forms of the technology, including “mass and individual remote mind control via the mobile phone network and mobile phones,” as well as “individual and group remote mind control via ‘black’ helicopter carrying psychotronic weapons.”mc1Read entire article here: