Is Shielding From Electromagnetic Frequencies And 5G Necessary?

the-terror-of-wifi-sickness-2015-tech-1024x576-1-1024x576By Catherine J. Frompovich

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) What are they?, you may be asking. EMFs are the very frequencies that make modern life possible such as electric house wiring, any electrical mechanism, appliance or microwave-run device. All electrical functions produce EMF fields or non-ionizing radiation as two frequencies: Electric and Magnetic. Each frequency produces negative impacts on the human body and ecosystem thereby contributing to, and/or creating, adverse health effects. Many people suffer with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and probably don’t realize it.

Due to the proliferation of cell phones and towers, smart phones, “smart appliances,” AMI Smart Meters that measure utility usages for electricity, natural gas and water, which emit Radiofrequencies (RFs), the increase in EMFs/RFs has increased exponentially to the point where some scientists feel humans are subjected to over one thousand times greater EMFs than Nature’s background radiation.

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