Secret Space Program Conference reveals globalist deep state connections in Austin Oct. 31

Cosmic-Space-Spiral-Universe-SpaceOctober 02, 2015
by J. D. Heyes

A conference where invited guests and experts will attempt to explain several secretive, mysterious economic and extraterrestrial phenomena is set for launch in Austin, Texas, at the end of October.

Dubbed the “Secret Space Program Conference,” the two-day event (Oct. 31–Nov. 1), promised to “connect the dots” and explain “what’s going on.”

“The real authorities in the fields of advanced technology, the breakaway civilization, deep security state and the black budget will convene for a game-changing weekend that will leave you wondering who really controls our world,” says a description of the event posted online at

“Following on the heels of the successful 2014 event in San Mateo, this year’s 2-day Secret Space Program Conference will be held in Austin, Texas and will be even more power-packed with top speakers, innovative topics and livestream interaction,” the site reads.

In addition, the conference aims to answer a number of questions:

Is there a Secret Space Program being developed outside the public eye using funds allocated by congress for purposes of creating a completely separate economic system? Where are the missing budget trillions? What is the UFO phenomenon? Is it a series of military projects using this advanced technology developed in underground bases around the globe or does it represent something completely unknown and alien to human reality?

Attendees will be introduced to “shocking” new findings and evidence that show why, as space programs like NASA are strictly budgeted and built by a government heavily in debt, space development continues apace by “an untouchable, elite cabal unhindered by public accountability or congressional oversight,” the program description notes.

The conference will cover “financial, historical and cultural analysis of the ‘Breakaway Civilization,'” a very small, very elite group of people (“the 1% of the 1%”) who are seeing their already vast wealth explode even further. Experts will also talk about “the system of hidden finance” that has placed the U.S. intelligence community “in the role of international bankers,” the conference description says.

“Multi trillion dollar financial fraud and market manipulations are actually mechanisms for financing the black budget programs and the privatized, centralized governance necessitated by high-tech secrecy,” the description continues. “A financial mechanism to transfer wealth to a new Breakaway Civilization.”

The conference’s experts also plan to look into evidence that visits to Earth by extraterrestrials are real and that have been taking place for a very long time.

“Over the years, there have been many confirmed World Military encounters with UFOs,” says the conference description. “The energy and technology implications of these crafts and the probable political forces that are blocking changes to our energy paradigm are very much worth researching. Ever wondered how a breakaway civilization could operate with impunity?”

“Together we will discover what the corporate space interests, major media and secret military programs have been hiding from the public and why they must be exposed and their covert programs be made transparent,” it says. “Let’s connect the dots and find out the truth.”

Conference speakers include a who’s who in related subject matter (click here to see the full list) including longtime investigative journalist and former University of Texas professor Jim Marrs, who will discuss how military-trained psychic spies were able to view non-humans on Earth; Catherine Austin Fitts, who will discuss ways to navigate the opportunities and risks in the global financial system and political economy; and Dr. Paul LaViolette, Ph.D., who “will begin with views of the dwarf planet Ceres to examine possible evidence of colonization” and then move into a discussion of “the recent patenting of a superconductor thruster capable of delivering at least 1000 times more thrust per unit weight than the xenon ion thrusters used on the Dawn spacecraft, and requiring no power input,” says the event website.

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