Rise in Animal Deformities Linked to Monsanto’s Glyphosate, the World’s Top-Selling Pesticide

crop sprayBy Natural Blaze

In rural northeast Argentina, the number of animals born with strange deformities has skyrocketed. According to locals, a supernatural spirit is responsible for the recent flux of deformities. However, experts discovered a correlation between the rise in deformities and the increased use of glyphosate.

“It is well-documented that glyphosate promotes soil pathogens and is already implicated with the increase of more than 40 plant diseases; it dismantles plant defenses by chelating vital nutrients; and it reduces the bioavailability of nutrients in feed, which in turn can cause animal disorders,” wrote Don Huber, an emeritus professor of plant pathology at Purdue University.

In one case, a piglet born with skin so thin, allowed the farmer to see the piglet’s blood pumping. In a nearby village, a black puppy was born with a mini trunk protruding from its nose.

A number of similar deformities occurred across the region. So far, a baby chick with four legs; a piglet with one head, two bodies and eight legs; and a goat with two heads have been born. Also, a two-headed calf and a piglet with eight legs have been recorded among the animals with strange and unexplainable deformities.

Argentina is the world’s biggest user of the pesticide glyphosate. Over 12 million Argentinians live in regions surrounded by soya bean fields sprayed with the pesticide. The country currently supplies the UK with GM soya beans used to feed livestock; cotton used to manufacture products, including T-shirts and tampons.