Prescription Medications: Third Leading Cause of Death

Photos shows three prescription medication bottles with the pills spilling out. You can not identify the patient information on the labels but enough of the label is visible to show it is a real prescription.

By Dr. Brownstein

Health care providers should be searching for ways to make our patients healthier, not just treating symptoms with prescription drugs that provide no health benefits.  Drugs do not make us healthier.  And, keep in mind that many commonly prescribed drugs fail most who take them.

There is a time and a place for many drugs. If you have pneumonia, appropriate antibiotics should be prescribed.  However, there are many prescription drugs that should never be prescribed, such as a statin medication, since they fail the vast majority who take them.

How did we get to this point?  Why are doctors prescribing so many drugs that fail and seriously harm or kill so many? We are at this point because most health care providers simply cannot understand how to critically read a study nor do they understand much about what is health and how to optimize it.

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