Overthrowing A Tyrannical Government Is Not Deemed A ‘Legitimate’ Use Of Firearms

wake up & smellOctober 3, 2013

By Binaryloop

An important set of documents were crafted by the U.N.Coordinating Action on Small Arms(CASA). These include “modules”on gun control to serve as “model legislation” for countries that sign on to theArms Trade Treaty. The modules were developed by theWorking Group onInternational Small Arms Control Standard (ISACS) and are currently in draft form.

The most relevant one is:

ISACS 03.30 National controls over the access of civilians to small arms and light weapons.

The U.N. wants to control who has weapons, what type of weapons they have, and they want to create a list of “legitimate” activities that you can perform with firearms.

Throughout this entire set of documents they refer to everyone as “civilians”.

In the U.N.’s opinion, only the military and police are allowed to carry weapons legally.

The document lays out the list of goals for regulations. All of their goals scream ‘Totalitarian Regime’.Thomas Jefferson

The most OBVIOUS thing that you’ll notice is that: ‘overthrowing a tyrannical governmentis absent from the list. Apparently, that particular activity by civilians is not deemed to be ‘legitimate’ by the United Nations.