Now You Can Detox From Vaccines

box 4-2By Major Rush  

You would have to be blind or fixated on politics to miss the increasing wave of factual information rising up all over the net about the dangers and damage vaccines are causing.

Most articles are personal knowledge of the corruption and deception being passed off as scientific facts and insider testimonials of the intentional assault on us all, especially the children. Reading the honest science that now has totally debunked the propaganda of Big Pharm, I get to the point I want to fight back and don’t know where to start. I’m sure I’m not alone on that one.

Well, I want to advise you all of a new vaccine detox product range. To me this is a positive step so we are posting a free banner on our web site.

Recover Health is offering homeopathic based detox remedy kits for the major vaccines and an order service for the unusual ones you may have gotten. They are offering support and back-up at a professional level with their reasonably priced products.

Their perspective is; if you take out the vaccine toxins, the body can do its magic to reset the immune system. If you don’t, the body fatigues endlessly fighting the toxins purposefully locked into the body’s cells by Big Pharm’s aggressive science.

These guys are employing the homeopathic science for detoxing contaminates to allow the body to return to normal. That is definitely a good idea. And, there are no false claims about fixing the effects of adverse reaction. That is a case by case issue. They are getting the toxins out first.

So this is one for the good guys. We wish them all success for having the compassion and fortitude to offer help to the victims of Big Pharm’s depopulation plan.

So please check it out at: and spread the word.