Infographic highlights serious health risks associated with cell phone use

talk on phoneFebruary 26, 2014

By Jonathan Benson, staff writer for Natural News
That slick new smartphone you’ve been eyeing could end up damaging your brain or even giving you cancer later in life.This is according to data compiled for a powerful infographic on mobile phone use, which pins electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile devices to nervous system damage, hemoglobin loss in blood cells, endocrine damage, digestive problems, elevated cholesterol levels, asthma, memory loss and mental confusion, headaches and fatigue, and cancerous tumors, among other conditions.

Compiled by, the infographic explains how a shocking 5 billion people globally now use cell phones. Of this 5 billion, most keep their phones with them all throughout the day either in a pocket or purse, and nearly 70 percent keep their phones next to their heads on a nightstand while they sleep. What this means is that the vast majority of humanity is now being exposed to a constant stream of health-damaging electromagnetic radiation.

At least 50 percent of cell phone radiation is absorbed directly by the head and body during use, as cell phone users typically press their devices up against their heads while talking.

The fact that children with developing brains are most prone to damage by cell phone radiation, as their brains tend to absorb more of it on average than the brains of adults. The types of phones and the technologies that they use are also important factors, as smartphones using so-called “4G” or “LTE” network service are believed to be among the most damaging.
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