Fukushima Fallout Detected In The Southern Hemisphere !

Radiation Cloud Detection Dunedin New Zealand 29th January 2012   http://sccc.org.au/archives/2517

Radiation Cloud detected over Australia 8th January 2012



Massive Radioactive Cloud Engulfs Brisbane Australia (video) January 15, 2012

This video is very useful in that it clearly and methodically shows how a recent radiation spike measured in eastern Australia must be of Fukushima origin; what it doesn’t show but implies is the scale on which this exact phenomenon is occurring but goes either undetected and/or unreported. Maybe it’s because almost all the official radiation monitoring networks have been shut down.

La Nina Shunts Fukushima Fallout Into The Southern Hemisphere

Latest potrblog video  provides a good explanation of what is happening with the jet stream air currents at present. A split in the jet stream  has occurred which is driving some of the Fukushima fallout radiation into the Southern Hemisphere.



This excellent video calmly yet incisively exposes the exact mechanism used by ‘scientists’ or ‘researchers’ who are on the pay-roll of the nuclear industry to ‘engineer’ their findings to show that ‘low levels of radiation are safe.’ Nothing could be further from the truth…not even a GE burger and a glass of fluoride!