Eyes of the Future and the GMO Labeling Battle

fundraisingThe Eyes of the Future are looking back at us and they are praying for us to see beyond our own time – Terry Tempest Williams

Win or lose the GMO labeling battle, we have our work cut out for us.

Because win or lose, labels or no labels, Monsanto’s Roundup will still be poisoning us. And factory farms will still be polluting our drinking water, killing the oceans, and contributing to a public health crisis with their reckless use of antibiotics.

But we’re also looking to the future. And what we see out there is a food and farming system, labels or no labels, that is dominated by greedy, ruthless corporations whose singular focus on shareholder profits blinds them to the devastating consequences of their bad behavior.

For example: About 250 million pounds of Monsanto’s glyphosate are sprayed on food crops, lawns and parks in this country, every year.

Glyphosate—classified as a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

Glyphosate—present in 93 percent of people who sent urine samples for testing . . . and in 100 percent of European Parliament members who were tested.

Glyphosate—250 million pounds of it—linked to everything from allergies to birth defects to kidney failure to cancer.

“It is going to be incomprehensible to future generations how our generation could have let glyphosate poison the earth’s ecosystems, cause multiple species die-offs, and destroy global human health for over four decades, while standing by and doing nothing to stop the devastation.” – Stephanie Seneff, senior research scientist at MIT.

You have become the greatest threat to Monsanto and Big Food. Win or lose the GMO labeling battle, we need you to help double the size of this movement, so we can take on the factory farms, the junk food giants and the Biotech Bullies..

We need you to help create a future where our food will be real food. Nutrient-dense food. Toxin-free food. Food grown using methods that heal, not harm, the earth.

Food that doesn’t need to be labeled because it’s just . . . food.

Please help us raise $200,000 by midnight June 30, so we can take the GMO labeling battle to the next level.  You can donate online, or by U.S. mail or by phone, details here.

The “Eyes of the Future” are looking back at us.

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