Is Your Child Smarter Or Dumber Because Of Microwave Technologies?

rsz_children_tablet-1024x614-700x420By Catherine J. Frompovich

Parents are overjoyed when their two-year-olds ‘master’ computer games and cell phones. They interpret that as “look how smart my kid is!” Well, that’s really not the take-away message parents should be coming up with. Maybe their youngsters inadvertently are becoming addicted to a tech-meme and device, which will damage them down the road, and very dramatically: dumb and cancer?

children-smartphoneAs a researcher into electromagnetic frequencies and radiofrequencies, which cell phones and any devices that receive and send data, voice, photos, etc. wirelessly use, I realize the dangers involved for all high-tech consumers, but especially for children, whose brains absorb more RF radiation than adults.

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