Cannibalism, Vaccines and Animal-Human Hybrid DNA

liberal-zombies-destroying-cityBy Ethan Huff

Tyranny is what the globalists are seeking, and the way they plan to get it is by chemically lobotomizing the general public through these various mechanisms of social warfare. Convincing people that the aluminum and mercury used in vaccines are good for them, for instance, is one way that the elite maintains control not only over people’s health, but also their cognitive faculties.

In case you haven’t noticed, humanity appears to be stuck in a downward spiral of “evolution,” if you will. The dumbing down of the general population seems to be progressing with increasing swiftness, and its cause can largely be traced to the things that many people are exposed to on a daily basis that are harming their bodies in a profound way – things like chemical toxins in food and drugs being among the worst offenders.

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