2024: Search Out New Friends and Allies

From The Organic Consumers Association

Now is the time to educate, search out new friends and allies, even in the most unlikely places, improve our health, strengthen our resolve, and prepare for any eventuality. A new 21st Century populist counter-culture and politics, potentially strong enough to overturn business as usual, is starting to emerge. Left and right, liberal and conservative, green, red, and blue, have suddenly lost their meanings. Corrupt and cowardly politicians from both major parties have destroyed their credibility, along with all the major institutions.

We literally have no choice but to build a new system of participatory democracy on the ruins of the old. This is what our new corps of Resistance and Regeneration will look like: farmers and consumers, young and old, rural and urban, whites and non-whites, middle class, working class, immigrants, low-income communities, dropouts from the affluent class, a rainbow of dissidents and rebels from all genders, religions, and spiritual belief.

Accepting diversity and building a society of participatory democracy in a diverse nation (and world) of different cultures and traditions doesn’t mean we all have to love one another. But we must come to grips with the life or death issues that are pressing down on all of us. We have no choice but to break down the walls and the single issue silos (my issue is more important than your issue, my constituency is more oppressed or more important than yours) that divide and enslave us.

Now is the time to spread the message of peace, justice, tolerance, hope, and Regeneration to all who are willing to listen.

Please help us educate consumers and support our policy and legal works to regenerate our health, environment, and politics.

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