Tinnitus sound file

Jim:┬áMy “tinnitus” sounds exactly like your sound file. (10400mhz) This would explain alot. How can we shield ourselves from being beamed?
My response: First of all, I want to make something clear: It is impossible for even two people to have the same tinnitus unless it is externally caused. Real tinnitus is caused by damage to the inner ear, where there are millions of tiny hairs in the cochlea that pick up the sound. When these get damaged by loud noises or something else, they begin to make noise on the frequency they were supposed to represent, and that is heard as tinnitus. If you have millions of these little hairs it is impossible for the exact same hairs to get damaged in multiple people, which would require exact same genetics and exposure to the exact same sounds at the exact same levels.
If multiple people are saying their tinnitus sounds exactly like what I have posted here, and most people who have written said even the sub modulations are the same, it can only mean that something outside the body, an external source is doing this. Since properly modulated microwave frequencies can be heard when beamed into the head, the obvious external source is electronically caused. This is the only way multiple people could hear the exact same thing.
I have tried blocking this, but have only been able to either mute it slightly or make it worse. Yes, the “tinfoil hat” would work against a few frequencies if you knew the direction the beaming was coming from and sat still 24/7 and set it all up right and made a perfect reflector. But an aluminum reflector won’t block AM, VLF, or even mid band, and if your “tin foil hat” was not made perfectly it could actually, in some positions, end up making the problem worse. And if you were getting beamed by much lower frequencies, it would have zero chance of working at all.
If you were getting beamed by low frequencies, only a faraday cage would work. But that won’t stop high frequencies. And no, the Tesla movie did not show Tesla produce high frequencies, back then “high” was Khz, which by today’s standards would be very low frequency. So there is a problem with trying to protect yourself, I have tried and it is practically impossible. That is why I do not post diagrams for ways to protect yourself, “they” (the people doing the beaming) know more than even I know, and have produced systems that will penetrate absolutely anything. Your best chance would be to sleep underground.