PolitiFact turns to PolitiFRAUD as writers invent false ‘facts’ to push a child-damaging delusion that claims mercury has been removed from all vaccines

Mercury-Vaccine-Syringe-Needle(NaturalNews) A publication that claims to be an “independent fact-checking” website published an article full of lies and contradictions when it said that no vaccines recommended for children have contained mercury since 1999.

The article also published lies about contacting Natural News’ Mike Adams for comment regarding his views on mercury in vaccines. In fact, no contact with Adams was ever made.

In February 2015, a time when vaccine propaganda reached its peak following the “Disneyland Measles Outbreak,” PolitiFact Georgia falsely reported that “Adams declined to speak” with them about “his conclusions regarding mercury” and that he instead referred them to studies on NaturalNews.com. In truth, no contact was ever made with Adams, and he certainly did not “decline to speak” about mercury in vaccines.

Natural News is calling for not only a retraction, but an apology for the lies fabricated by PolitiFact. Please see this article’s end for PolitiFact’s contact information.

PolitiFact violates journalistic code of ethics – which basically say – don’t lie!

The lies told by PolitiFact GA are genuinely an outright assault on the American public, especially children. The report falsely claims that the MMR, chickenpox and polio vaccine never contained mercury, although they did (flu shots still do) and it has been admitted by drug makers such as Merck & Co.

We here at Natural News, as well as our readers, know this to be completely false, as Adams tested vaccines, specifically the flu shot, for mercury last year using an Agilent 7700x ICP-MS instrument capable of detecting low parts per billion concentrations of mercury.

He discovered alarmingly high amounts of mercury in an influenza vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKline (lot #9H2GX), with levels reaching a shocking 51 parts per million – that’s 25,000 times higher than the maximum containment level of inorganic mercury in drinking water set by the EPA.

Read more: http://www.naturalnews.com/050705_Politifact_journalistic_fraud_mercury_in_vaccines.html