Humanity’s Food Supply Rests In Four Deadly Hands

biotechnology-gmo-food-600x400By Luis Miranda

Producers and consumers are at the mercy of 4 large multinationals that control the seed supply and to a great degree the food supply.

Large monopolies control almost everything on planet Earth, from news and information to seeds and food. As we speak, large corporations like Nestle are fighting their battle to control water resources as its CEO, Peter Brabeck explained that access to clean water is not a right people should enjoy.

If people behind these multinationals do not believe people should have access to clean water as a human right, what would they think about having access to pesticide-free, GMO-free food?

Unfortunately, control of the seed and food supplies is not the only problem that consumers face.

The same multinationals that seek to control food from seed to what you put on your dinner table, have either merged with or are in the process of merging with chemical companies, which makes everyone concerned with health issues question the safety and reliability of the food supply.

Under this scenario, it is more certain than ever that food and water crises are looming on the horizon. As powerful corporations control the world’s food supply, there has never been a better time to be self-sufficient and self-reliant than now.

Producers fear that the wave of mergers limit the options they have to manage their crops, because the agrochemical industry is mired in an intense process of consolidation that will leave virtually the entire business of seeds, herbicides and pesticides concentrated in the hands of four global giants.