HPV-vaccine-induced mystery illness plaguing young girls in Colombia; media calls it ‘mass hysteria’

Flu-Vaccine-Injection-Needle-Arm-Skin(NaturalNews) The vaccine death cult is busy spreading its genocide in the South American country of Colombia, where young girls everywhere are reportedly falling ill with a “mystery illness” that their parents say is being triggered by the HPV vaccine Gardasil. An Agence France-Presse report explains that many of the girls are developing cold hands and feet, becoming pale, convulsing and even collapsing unconscious following the shot, symptoms that are frequently observed post-Gardasil.

In the town of El Carmen de Bolivar, population 67,000, dozens of girls have been rushed to the hospital recently after developing these and other symptoms. One young girl by the name of Eva Mercado recalls having passed out seven times during a single month not long after getting vaccinated, which also left her unable to feel her appendages.

“They vaccinated me in May and I started fainting in August,” she told reporters. “My legs became heavy and I couldn’t feel my hands anymore. When I woke up, I was in the hospital.”

Another 15-year-old girl began developing headaches and backaches following her Gardasil shots, a gradual deterioration that eventually left her unable to use her hands and legs. She now has to have her mother give her baths, as she lacks the strength to adequately care for herself without assistance from another.

“They brought me to the hospital 16 times last month,” stated the child.

Government claims more than 370 hospital admissions represent made up ‘hysteria’
Many others are suffering similar symptoms, which only began to emerge en masse after the government adopted a campaign to promote the HPV vaccine, primarily for girls. Since that time, more than 370 minors just in El Carmen de Bolivar have been admitted to the hospital for treatment, with many of them now unable to function.

“There is no diagnosis or specific treatment,” stated Augusto Agamez, an official from the Nuestra Senora del Carmen hospital where the many hundreds of girls have been admitted in recent weeks.

Despite the fact that the girls have obvious physical problems that require them to receive oxygen and saline injections, the government claims that the surge in hospital admissions is a product of mass hysteria, not legitimate need. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos told the media that all the harmed girls represent nothing more than a “phenomenon of collective suggestion.”

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