How Media Watchdogs Became Industry Lapdogs

By Dr. Mercola

  • While the free press of the past served the role of watchdog and independent informer, the press we have today is far from free and unbiased
  • One way by which industry and even government are shaping and manipulating the press is by way of press embargoes, and the so-called “close-hold embargo” in particular
  • Another way is through the creation of front groups, and there are now many dozens of industry front groups masquerading as independent information organizations
  • In June 2019, a study of International Life Sciences Institute’s (ILSI) internal documents revealed how the organization exerts worldwide influence promoting an industry-focused agenda
  • The Science Media Centre has been effective in shaping media coverage about science. One analysis found a majority of journalists who used SMC services did not seek additional perspectives for their articles

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