Wikipedia: Dangerous Platform for Disinformation and Propaganda

wikipediaBy Thomas Dishaw

While Wikipedia may seem like a useful site if you need quick information at hand for trivial topics like the average population of Kazakhstan, its reliability and validity have long been questioned by professors, intellectuals and even the media. One reason for this distrust is the fact that quite a bit of the information on Wikipedia is either incomplete or downright false. Because anyone can technically edit or contribute to Wikipedia, the site is vulnerable to hackers and vandalism.

There is also the fact that strings at Wikipedia are being pulled and controlled by corporate influences. Once corporate America realized that Wikipedia was distributing information they had carefully and thoroughly suppressed in the media, they launched a plan that ensured they had the final say on what did and did not get published.

Articles on Wikipedia that go against the corporate line are quickly edited out and replaced by more mainstream-friendly versions. Writers who post material that offends the status quo are subsequently banned by editors who consider themselves to be unbiased.

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