Living Happy And Sane In A Society Of Brainwashed Zombies


By Bernie Suarez

With mainstream media and government lies now spiralling out of control to unimaginable levels, it’s only appropriate to begin addressing the new realities and circumstances we now face, all made possible due to the information age we are in. For example, one new reality is the rapidly expanding mental (knowledge-based) gap between those who know and understand the political reality that is transpiring here in the United States and around the world including the grave implications, and those who are mentally lost, ignorant, deeply fooled and brainwashed in the matrix of lies and deceit. For the first time in human history two distinctly defined consciousness are co-inhabiting the planet, each with its genuinely learned (truth seekers) or deeply rooted indoctrination (zombies) defining this gap. For many of us, a clear picture of this scenario is easily envisioned because we see it around us every day. But as this mental gap widens, have you taken into serious consideration how this will play out? Let’s consider some of these scenarios and offer some solutions moving forward.

First let’s consider the dark side of things. That is, I want us to confront the ugly reality of what this mental gap means and what could likely be the ramifications of this. This mental knowledge-based gap I’m referring to is very real. If you truly understand that the knowledge we share about the world (again, all of which is easily verified thanks to the magic of the (free) information age we live in) is otherwise basic simple truths about realities that objectively are occurring worldwide whether we like it, acknowledge it or not, and if you understand there is no reason to complicate this informational reality then you’ll likely understand what I mean when I say that the rest of them (those still believing mainstream media and those lost in their matrix of daily lies) really are mentally ill. They are unaware that they are suffering from engineered illusions piled on top of each other and sequentially linked in real-time. These packets of engineered stories deeply wedged in their minds then become the source which powers and ultimately composes the overall reality of that person.

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