Fake Truth is Today’s Truth

truth-newspaper-news-printed-text-message-pageBy Lanaria Amberkira

Today it is difficult to distinguish the real news and fake news and we cannot see through the trees the forest.

Complete social media office rooms are full with people, who constantly submit fake news in the world, as America, Europe, Russia and everywhere in the world and they name them trolls.

A troll is a person who puts on Usenet, forums, websites or instant channels message with the aim to trigger emotional responses (like anger, irritability, sadness, or verbal abuse – also mentioned  flames),  to provoke other people, give intentionally wrong information (disinformation), or express themselves otherwise than they really are.

People often look for confirmation of his/her thoughts and views and find items that confirm that thinking, where Trolls and media, use, abuse and feed us extra with.

The abundance of (fake) information is grand and to differentiate between real and fake is extremely difficult and those who divide us, the spin doctors are masters of thinking forwards, are real chess grand masters. The way it is done is very clever,  to create even more division and with the ultimate goal to put the true media outside the game, and before we realize, we get propaganda media in the place.

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