CENSORED everywhere & reposted by Popular Demand: ‘With Open Gates – The forced collective suicide of European nations’

With-Open-Gates(NaturalNews) Most people live in a Truman Show bubble of false reality, played out for them by the mainstream media and tightly controlled by the internet’s gatekeepers such as Youtube and Google.

To prevent you from learning the truth about what’s really happening with the wave of refugees and ISIS terrorists in Europe, YouTube has been desperately and rapidly censoring every instance of a must-see video entitled “With Open Gates – The forced collective suicide of European nations.”

This shocking, eye-opening video is an absolute MUST SEE for every citizen on our planet. It unveils the shocking, horrifying truth of how European nations are now being overrun by an invasion of refugees who intend to overrun western civilization and destroy Europe as we know it today.

Google and everybody else desperately trying to shut this video down

When I tried to view this video on YouTube, every single instance was censored by a bogus “copyright claim” from a dubious organization. The intent was clear: YouTube (owned by Google) was intentionally seeking to prevent the public from seeing this eye opening video.

When I went to Vimeo to find the same video, the instance that I found was scrubbed from Vimeo before I could download it. Even Vimeo is in on the act, it seems, desperately making sure the public can’t see this video.

view video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44vzMNG2fZc

An invasion and occupation of Europe by violent, racist, death-dealing crazies

The reality of what’s happening with the refugees in Europe is far beyond anything being reported by the fake mainstream media. As I publicly predicted two days before the Paris attacks, many of the so-called “refugees” are actually occupying enemy forces waging a literal invasion of Europe.

Much the same is happening in America, too, with our open borders policy that democrats are using as a voter recruitment system while America is being overrun with illegal border crossers.

As I warned in this article over the weekend, because of America’s open borders policy enforced by democrats, ISIS attacks will soon take place in America.

The enemy is already inside the gates. And they are determined to destroy western culture by any means necessary.