What Really Is 5G About?

5G-SJT-1024x576-1-1024x576-1-1024x576-1024x576-1024x576-1-1024x576-1-1024x576-1024x576-1-777x437By Catherine Frompovich

5G is serious stuff. We are living in very serious times. And no one seems to know, or wants to know, just how serious a price we have to pay for all our wireless tech addictions.

YouTube is literally now exploding with warnings on 5G and pulsed microwave wireless harms, which the Mainstream Media have on total lockdown. This is 11:59:59 of the 11th Hour.

Government is forcefully rolling this weaponized military grade program out with zero concern for safety, regardless of the ever-increasing decades-old “Mt. Everest-size” peer reviewed Science, should finally, once and for all, reveal to Americans what a lie they have been living for virtually all of their lives!  “Virtual” lives are truly what we have been living.  Clearly the “powers that be” have deemed Humans not so important and quite expeditiously expendable. We must really be a serious threat to the controlling elites to require such powerful lethal doses of constant microwave radiation!

One thing no one ever talks about is the fact that they can, and do, PIGGYBACK various ranges of RF for better distance of travel and penetration.  Of course, piggybacking frequencies means MORE human cell damaging, immune suppressing, and disease causing radiation exposures to all of us targets and human guinea pigs.

Somebody is untruthful by saying 5G won’t penetrate well.  That is just the excuse to blanket every square inch and deploy so many cell tower transmitters. MM wave technology was developed by the Military for weapons and surveillance, then handed down to Telecoms.  The exact range of frequencies used and piggybacking thereof, not to mention exact amount of voltage used, may never and probably will never truly be known or revealed to the public.  Once it is deployed on our streets and in our yards — THESE are the possibilities that we will live and die by: Life under a carcinogenic, hackable, remotely-controlled, track-and-destroy weapons system.

This has nothing to do with Telecom

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