Toxic Tap Water Affects Nearly Everyone: Take Steps to Ensure you are Drinking Safe Water

Filing glass pitcher with water from tap

By Paul Fassa

Polluted drinking water has been making headlines lately. The lead poisoning due to known but ignored faulty filtration from the water works in Flint, Michigan. Even high level state officials had been attempting to cover-up the damage to children for its toxic tap water for years. This was major mainstream news.

But it isn’t only Flint’s highly publicized scenario. Several other municipalities have been attempting to cover up similar toxic levels from poor water supply infrastructures. Chlorinating or boiling water doesn’t get rid of chemical or heavy metal pollutants.

Now there are reports published showing excess toxic levels of hexavalent chromium 6, also known as the “Erin Brockovich chemical,” a potent carcinogen that causes other debilitating health issues besides cancer in most of our municipal water supplies, affecting over 200 million persons.

Tons of water are polluted beyond salvage for tap water from fracking, and vast crude oil pipelines often leak into waterways. These are other major concerns. But there is also the impossibility of completely ridding pharmaceuticals flushed or urinated into toilets.

Add into the mix industrial chemicals that seep into waterways and underground aquifers, such as Monsanto’s PCB dioxins and other chemicals from manufacturing Teflon, such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), and it’s obvious tap water that isn’t effectively purified cannot be trusted as healthy.

Chlorine can’t get rid of those chemicals either. It only gets rid of most pathogenic microbes and parasites. And chlorine itself is toxic! Boiling concentrates the toxins further by evaporating some of the water.

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