You Think Organic Living Is Expensive? Check Out The Cost Of A “Conventional” Lifestyle That Leads To CANCER

^BMODEL RELEASED. Cancer chemotherapy.^b Female patient receiving anticancer drugs from an intravenous drip bag. This continuously supplies the patient with a controlled amount of drugs that target cancer cells. The drugs target all rapidly dividing cells, which causes them to have a range of side effects, including hair loss. Cancer is a disease caused by the uncontrolled replication of abnormal cells, which can invade and destroy healthy tissue. The drugs in use here are ^Icytoxan^i and ^Iadriamycin^i. Photographed at Massachusetts General Hospital, USA.

Cancer patients are twice as likely to file bankruptcy as those who stick to organic foods and a healthy lifestyle, but still, people whine and cry over the “cost” of organic, claiming “it’s too expensive.” Top that off with the latest stats that show four out of five cancer patients who do file bankruptcy are MORE likely to die from the cell disorder that’s sweeping across America like the plague. Could that be because the stress of financial “failure” catapults the development of more cancer cells? You can bet your last $100 bill that’s the case. It’s time to contact your accountant and your favorite nutritionist, because that “top notch” oncologist sounds more like a death sentence right now, in 2019.

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