SOLAR TAX PROPOSAL Penalises New Zealanders Who Have Solar Panels

roof solar panelsGreenpeace Aotearoa New Zealand

Solar power is one of the fastest growing clean energy sources in the world, and it’s essential for surviving the climate crisis. But our ability to use it is under threat. Big energy companies see solar as a threat to profits and their control of your power. Right now they’re preparing to cut it off. Their first move is the new solar tax in Hawke’s Bay, which penalises people who have solar panels. We must push back before that spreads nationwide.

But here in New Zealand, solar is facing a massive hurdle.

The mere fact that solar is cheap and gives us the independence to generate our own power is freaking out the big power companies. They know that when we use solar, we’re plugging into the unlimited clean energy source of the sun and switching off the idea that we are beholden to them and their bills.

STOP THE SOLAR TAX !   Sign the petition telling New Zealand’s electricity regulator, the Electricity Authority to Stop the Solar Tax now.