Rush FM Has Escaped From the City!

Hobbiton-LSV-102114-WestFarthingRush FM was forced to move our studio in November 2016 due to Landlord changes that left us without a place. Then again the same situation occurs but 2 months later and we again had to relocate.

Taking this pressure as an indication of the increasing instability being experienced within the human race, we decided to make this move an escape from the city.

We have taken a rural location where the rent is far cheaper for better housing and the living conditions are far better.

Also, we are now away from the smart meter concentration, the cell tower radiation, the chemtrail spraying and the HAARP weather control suppression.

However we had to accept a 2 week disconnection and reconnection of our services.

Several listeners emailed or phone messaged our studio asking what was up? Why we were off air and the website was not streaming nor was there any daily postings.

We have experienced an immediate improvement in our health and sleeping and productivity in just the 10days of living out of the city.

Both the higher oxygen content in the air and the chemical free water have been healing, giving us a sense of relief from the struggle for survival.

I cannot resist sharing the wonderful results from getting out of the city and onto the land. So to all of you that are waking up to the elite agenda of depopulation, the first step in countering their plan is escaping the depression and disadvantages of city life.

We are practicing what we preach on RUSH FM and fighting back by getting out of harm’s way and the crippling control structure.

You should get out of the cities. Get to a rural community, change jobs or vocation and stop chasing the money dream.

New Zealand is the safest place on the planet.  It is English speaking, there are jobs and the economy is stable (until they pull the global financial grenade pin; but that will be everywhere). This is a great place to get stranded and make a new start.

Come early and get set up or make it your bug-out destination, but definitely put it on your list of options because we are running out of time & options, day by day.

Major Rush