The Poisoning of New Zealand’s Water


3958_FC9D11A0-ABD5-5E7C-2EDB-D34CA65F548C.jpg_512Photo shows the incompetence using lethal 1080 in a river bed. NZ Department Of Conservation workers attempting to pick up spilled toxic bait, most of which will have washed through the gravel and into the water table.

New Zealand needs your help. Our ecosystem is being poisoned against our wishes. The government owns shares in 1080 poison and they are dropping the poison in mass quantities onto our land, but they are only thinking about themselves, not our future.

New Zealand is in the crosshairs of an Agenda 21 depopulation program. Listen as we interview first hand accounts of the chemical poisoning of the people of this nation.

New Zealand Is Being Poisoned

Crisis in New Zealand