Neonicotinoids in the seed? – New track in the case of dead bees

dead beesBy Volksblatt News – Germany

Now it is clear: neonicotinoids are responsible for the death of bees in Eschen, but these were not used in the environment as a spray. Beekeepers Dominik Sele has a
Suspicion dressed seed.

The first laboratory analysis of dead bees are and the cause of death could be detected properly, informed the Office of Food Inspection and Veterinary Office (ALKVW) in a press release. The Bee reported poisoning by two strong insecticides called neonicotinoids, on clothianidin and thiamethoxam, which are blamed for the deaths of thousands of bee colonies worldwide. Their use is restricted in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the EU for rape and maize per moratorium until December 2015 respectively. The fungicide Opus Top, which used an adjacent Zuckerr├╝benbauer is therefore not responsible for the accident on July 16.

No use as a spray

The plant samples of the surrounding farmlands revealed that the above-mentioned insecticides were not sprayed. “Neonicotinoids were and are not only injected but mainly used as a means for seed dressing,” argues Dominik Sele, chairman of the Beekeepers Association Eschen-Nendeln. This method is forbidden by the end of this year, however, does not apply to cereal seed which was sown after 30 June 2014th From conversations with farmers and stakeholders learned Sele that had been grown on an adjacent field to a few days before the poisoning crops. At the time of poisoning this field was dug to sow a green manure mixture. This might have come to the surface and into the air toxins. Should this prove correct, feared Sele a “ticking time bomb”.