MIT Researchers Develop a Machine That Manipulates Hypnagogia, the State Between Wakefulness and Sleep

Sleeping-Teen-PillowThis brain control technique and many others were actually developed by the deep state years ago and this ability is active right not through the “Cell” towers in almost all western countries.                                                                                          Are you having trouble getting to sleep or regularly waking up at 3am?        Welcome to the misuse of advanced technology.

By Edsel Cook

As we move from sharp awareness to restful sleep, we undergo hypnagogia, a state where we experience small but surreal dreams that escape our recollection when we wake up. In a Motherboard article, an MIT team reported how they developed a device that can access this dreamland.

MIT Media Lab researcher Adam Horowitz led the efforts to create Dormio, which helps the user enter hypnagogia and prolong their stay in that state. This lets them study the intense associative thinking that drives the microdreams during this period.

Trials showed that Dormio can prolong the time a user spends in hypnagogia. It is also able to alter the content of the microdreams.

This will help neuroscientists overcome their bafflement over hypnagogia. For one thing, experts are still debating what constitutes sleep. They do agree that hypnagogia is a natural part of the body’s rhythm.

Researchers have wondered if creativity rises during this stage. They are also puzzled as to why it sometimes leads to true dreams while bringing about dreamless sleep at other times.

MIT Dormio device detects hypnagogia and keeps users in that state

Hypnagogia takes place during stage 1 sleep. Yet some people who wake up afterwards believe they are awake or have responded to other people. Others experience powerful hallucinations and microdreams.

Some of the greatest minds in human history have desired hypnagogic consciousness. Thomas Edison claimed entering this phase boosted his creativity and mental clarity.

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