Why Millennials Have Way More In Common With Their Grandparents’ Generation

shelby-miller-633355-unsplashBy Brandon Turbeville

Millennials are Behaving More and More Like Their Grandparents…

Millennials, once considered the most rebellious of all generations, are confounding their parents’ generation and onlookers yet again with the newfound realization that the current generation has more in common with their grandparents than their parents.

Young people’s interest in ‘healthy, clean living’ has them cooking, crafting, and counting their pennies in ways that baffle their parents.

Many of them grew up in households where little food was cooked from scratch.  Because many of their parents didn’t cook meals from scratch, they might not have learned recipes or how to follow recipes. They’ve grown up feeling the physical effects of a poor diet and noticing the lack of flavor, and now want to regain lost food prep skills; hence, the growing interest in cooking meals, baking bread, preserving seasonal foods, and even gardening.

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