Industries of death and deception: What does Planned Parenthood and Komen for the cure have in common? The exploitation of human bodies for corporate profit

baby tagged footAn undercover, three-year investigation led by The Center for Medical Progress has unveiled a sinister agenda hiding within Planned Parenthood. The investigation has recorded more than one Planned Parenthood top level executive arranging for the illegal trafficking of aborted fetal body parts.

Brutally intrusive Planned Parenthood surgeons are instructed to meticulously preserve some fetus body parts, while crushing others. These organs are then donated to biotech companies for research for things like flavor enhancers for food and beverages. The Planned Parenthood executives were caught on video discussing the amount of money they would like in return for each body part they sold.

This investigation shows that Planned Parenthood executives have an incentive to influence the decision-making process of women. If women were given an honest choice, would they really elect to have a surgeon selectively take fetal body parts from their womb and then preserve them and sell them to companies like Pepsi Cola for flavor research?

Pressuring women to give up fetal body parts for flavor science research

In fact, many of these healthy fetal body parts are selectively cut out and donated to Senomyx, a biotech company that focuses “on the discovery and development of savory, sweet and salt flavor ingredients that are intended to allow for the reduction of MSG, sugar and salt in food and beverage products.”

Senomyx contracts with Pepsi Cola so the popular drink manufacturer can test their additives on fetal body parts. Pepsi’s favorite body part to work with is human embryonic kidney cells.

The Senomyx website says that by “using isolated human taste receptors, we created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavor ingredient interacts with the receptor.”

In other words, there is a powerful industry preying on pregnant women. Women who come to Planned Parenthood facilities are often seeking support, understanding, and unbiased counseling so they can do what’s best for their body. Instead, they are being used and abused by an industry that exploits their womb and the life inside them, all for corporate profits.

On a grand scale, Planned Parenthood is hardly supporting women physically and emotionally. Pressured to sell organs, Planned Parenthood is driving women to make hasty decisions that can stay with them for the long haul. Planned Parenthood is basically masquerading as being pro-woman and pro-choice, but it’s all a fake front, abusing women and using human life for gain.

How Komen for the Cure ties into the charade

In much the same way, Komen for the Cure (the pink ribbon charade) is out to exploit human bodies for corporate profit. This cancer attention enterprise only exists because they take $4.75 million in revenue from taxpayers each year. Significant money and resources are wasted promoting cancer with ribbons, shirts, and merchandise instead of getting to the causes. The organization doesn’t get down to the nuts and bolts of what cancer is, why it exists, what are the contributing factors, etc. If the company was honest, they would educate women on the abortion – breast cancer link.

Instead, a large portion of their money is suspiciously used to fund Planned Parenthood, of all places! Of course, the money is funneled under the guise of “cancer research,” even though Planned Parenthood does nothing to prevent cancer.

When pregnant women seek help from Planned Parenthood facilities, they are literally being bombarded and pressured from two sides. One side pressures the sale of fetal body parts for flavor science “research.” The other side uses Komen for the Cure to forcefully take money from taxpayers and deceptively funnel the funds through “cancer research” to ultimately encourage life terminating surgeries that only benefit the biotech industry. It’s a web of deceit!

And Planned Parenthood’s crony business operations don’t stop there. In 2013, they applied for more than $500 million in grants to fund their enterprise deceitfully on the backs of taxpayers.

At the end of the year, the biotech industry is satisfied with all their new research tools (fetal body parts that they bought from their middle man, Planned Parenthood). Coercion is at the root of it all and the trail of money tells a corrupt tale. If Komen for the Cure was honest, they wouldn’t be funneling money to Planned Parenthood and calling it cancer research.

Komen and Planned Parenthood should work together to educate women on the abortion – breast cancer link instead of exploiting women and human life to biotech industry profits. It’s time for the two organizations to stop pretending to be about women’s health and women’s choices. Human life is precious; it shouldn’t be used for corporate profits.

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