Google now censors anti-war website featuring images of Western human rights abuses

Close-Up-Keyboard-Computer-Keys(NaturalNews) A U.S.-based web site critical of interventionist conflict has alleged that Google has censored some of its content, calling the action “authoritarian” and accusing the media giant of acting like “an arm of the U.S. State Department.

The complaint from the founders of, a news portal which has been online for more than a decade, came after they said Google stopped providing adverts on a number of its stories. Officials from Google said the content violated the company’s policies.

As reported by Russia Today:

The conflict erupted [March 22], when the tech giant notified the website that its advertising service AdSense would be disabled, due to depictions of “violence” and “gore” next to its ads, in what said was a “big hit” to its funding. As an example of the violations it listed a 2006 article containing photos of torture from Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq – which says has been viewed over 2 million times – and urged the administrators to “check all other remaining sites in your account for compliance.”

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