Geoengineering Could Cause Real Global Warming

Earth-Atmosphere-Glow-Space-United-StatesFeb. 27, 2014

By J. D. Heyes staff writer for Natural News

Climate-change researchers at the University of Washington (UW), in considering a range of mitigation scenarios, say that the injection of sulfate particles into the earth’s atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the planet’s surface to curb warming might pose a further threat if it is not maintained indefinitely and additionally supported with strict restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions.

The results of the study, published Feb. 18 in IOP Publishing’s journal Environmental Research Letters, “has highlighted the risks of large and spatially expansive temperature increases if solar radiation management (SRM) is abruptly stopped once it has been implemented,” said a press release from the university.

The scientists said SRM is one proposed method of geoengineering that is being floated as a potential technique to control warming. It involves injecting tiny sulfate-based aerosols into the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight and cool the planet — theoretically, anyway.

“The technique has been shown to be economically and technically feasible; however, its efficacy depends on its continued maintenance, without interruption from technical faults, global cooperation breakdown or funding running dry,” said the press release.

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