Evidence that Medical Cannabis Can Cure Cancer Continues to Grow

medical-marijuana-budsBy Paul Fassa

Recent scientific research in France has determined cannabinoid receptors exist on mitochondria cells. This news has not reached mainstream media outlets and seems to be underreported even by alternative health sites on the internet.

This author only recently discovered the information after doing several articles on cannabis for curing many diseases, especially cancer. The internal endocannabinoid system with its two sets of cannabinoid receptors, C1 nervous system receptors and C2 immune system receptors, was discovered over two decades ago.

These receptors allow cannabinoids from cannabis to attach their health giving attributes to various internal physiological systems.

But the French mitochondrial discovery seems to be the key to understanding why cannabis is able to handle several different diseases, including cancer. Without this, skeptics can become more skeptical about all those cannabis cure reports and think of cannabis as snake-oil medicine and an excuse to get “high.”

Also, many others will be duped into using mainstream medical methods that have very poor cure histories with many adverse side effects before desperation drives them toward cannabis or any other alternative method.

Learn more: http://healthimpactnews.com/2017/evidence-that-medical-cannabis-can-cure-cancer-continues-to-grow/