Causing autism before birth – is that the insidious goal of Big Pharma’s new push for vaccinating babies in the womb?

Say hello to 21st Century Cures Act – an attempt by Big Pharma to give babies autism while still in the womb

Why would Big Pharma want children to suffer from metallic brain disorder, central nervous system disorders, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, metabolic syndrome, immune deficiency, auto-immune disorder, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and other often permanent “side effects” caused by chemical violence (vaccines)? Money.

If vaccines today were tested for safety and efficacy, nobody would get them. It’s much like chemotherapy. If people really knew that there is only about a 3% chance of chemotherapy being successful, and that it completely wipes out the immune system and can lead to death from other viruses and bacteria, like MRSA and pneumonia, who would even be interested in trying it? It certainly wouldn’t be the mainstream first order of medicine or treatment, for that matter.

The FDA and CDC don’t test drugs for safety or efficacy. They simply accept massive payments, in the millions, for fast-tracked drugs and inoculations based on the manufacturers word that it works. Period. Safety and efficacy tests can therefore be faked, altered, skewed, or simply made up out of thin air, then published in “peer review” medical journals, the Washington Post or the New York Times, and then referenced.