BIOSLUDGED the Documentary You Must See

hqdefaultBiosludge: a toxic cocktail of everything people flush down the toilet and part of a global depopulation PLOT against humanity.

This all-new documentary uncovers the astonishing science fraud being carried out to legalize the mass pollution of the world’s farm lands, school playgrounds and city parks with heavily contaminated industrial waste and human sewage.

As you’re probably well aware, there’s nothing stopping anyone from flushing whatever they wish down the toilet. And you may also be aware of the fact that existing filtration and treatment methods aren’t capable of removing everything harmful from the end product, which means all sorts of things are being spread as “fertilizer” on the food you and your family eat every single day.

So what’s to stop a potential terrorist from flushing biological weapons down the toilet, knowing that contaminated biosludge will eventually end up in the conventional food supply? The answer is nothing – this being another problematic element to the biosludge situation.

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