Are Climate Changers Pulling an Orwell? It’s “Polar Vortex”, Not Global Cooling

Global cooling or polar vortexJan 13, 2014
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

The most desperate movement on the planet is exploring new levels of reason, meanings and translations lately. They are desperate to stay alive in an avalanche (no pun intended) of evidence coming at them that disproves their very existence. Since their existence was based on the lie that we were in catastrophic global warming which never happened, they are no longer needed anymore. They know they need to keep the flock from fleeing the movement. They need to keep their environmental movement baseline strong. They couldn’t afford to let the core of the movement lose faith so they needed to act fast and at the end of September the movement went to work. It was then when word got out that IPCC was looking to have a meeting about the global temperature data and how to interpret the data. It was then that word got out about this raw data which confirmed that global temperatures did not rise since 1998 as it had been predicted. Global warming was officially not real, but they had to spin a new reality. There was no time to lose.