Antibiotics destroy your immune system – get off the drugs and repair your body

Antibiotics-Palsy(NaturalNews) As the natural health movement grows, people across the nation and the world are learning the benefits of using food, herbs, and supplements to prevent and treat illness and disease.

Antibiotics are chemical therapy. Read any package insert or look up a pharmaceutical on the Internet and thoroughly read the possible side effects. Many drugs, even many over the counter drugs, warn of risks that include lifelong disability or death. These are the outcomes the companies either freely admit or are forced to admit.

Why I Stopped Taking Antibiotics
Throughout the years I followed conventional medicine, I didn’t realize that antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals were damaging my gut and my immune system – not until I crashed headlong into auto-immune disease after my second anaphylactic reaction, a reaction to an antibiotic.

The next time I became ill, I took supplements. One day my chiropractor did a kinesthetic test and told me I had strep throat. He recommended a supplement: Spanish Black Radish.

I decided to follow his treatment plan, but I wanted to prove to myself and to my medical doctor that this form of therapy worked. I asked her to give me a step test and yes, it was positive. She immediately argued with the plan, saying strep was too serious for alternative treatment. I brought her around by promising I would do a follow-up test and then take antibiotics if needed. A week later, the test was negative.

Another month passed, and I developed pneumonia. I went straight to my doctor. Pneumonia always scared me since it had nearly killed me twice, and I wanted the “big guns.” This was the day that changed my life. My doctor, my brilliant, conventional, medical doctor suggested I go back to my chiropractor and ask what supplements to use for the pneumonia since his treatment had worked so well for the strep. She was right. It worked great. That was 20 years ago. I have never taken another antibiotic.

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