Tony Blair Apologizes for Lying About Iraq. Will Bush?

By Christopher Manion

Tony the profiteering slime confesses, struggling for damage control on the eve of the publication of the Chilcot Report that will publicly document the mendacity that he and Bush employed to promote the Iraq War.

Blair apologizes not only for lying the UK into war, but also for its aftermath. He admits what Christian patriarchs across the Middle East have been telling us for years: the Iraq invasion caused what Islam had been trying – unsuccessfully – to do since the seventh century: to eradicate Christianity from the Middle East.

Since the bipartisan establishment willingly went along with the war, there has been no similar investigation of Bush in the United States. So while Cheney snarls and blames Obama, Bush has been able to escape Blair’s fate, and hides out in shame somewhere in Texas.

“History will vindicate us,” Tony brayed with Bush at his side some ten years ago.

Well, we know how that worked out.

The question abides – Bush was elected because he was such a wonderful Christian.

As a Christian, how can George W. Bush remain silent as the chaos cause by his his wars destroy the cradle of Christianity — terrorizing, torturing, and killing thousands of Christians?

Tony Blair has finally said, “I’m sorry.”

Can Bush?