Are Climate Changers Pulling an Orwell? It’s “Polar Vortex”, Not Global Cooling

Global cooling or polar vortexJan 13, 2014
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

The most desperate movement on the planet is exploring new levels of reason, meanings and translations lately. They are desperate to stay alive in an avalanche (no pun intended) of evidence coming at them that disproves their very existence. Since their existence was based on the lie that we were in catastrophic global warming which never happened, they are no longer needed anymore. They know they need to keep the flock from fleeing the movement. They need to keep their environmental movement baseline strong. They couldn’t afford to let the core of the movement lose faith so they needed to act fast and at the end of September the movement went to work. It was then when word got out that IPCC was looking to have a meeting about the global temperature data and how to interpret the data. It was then that word got out about this raw data which confirmed that global temperatures did not rise since 1998 as it had been predicted. Global warming was officially not real, but they had to spin a new reality. There was no time to lose.

In response to this difficult predicament, the movement responded to the pressure with the following “official” position: The global temperature decrease since 1998 is a “pause” in the global warming phenomenon. Yeah okay, I get it. In the same way that a green light is a “pause” in the red light process. Or how a tall person is taking an extended break from being short. Is winter nothing more than a “pause” of summer, or is winter just plain old winter? When you are sad, are you taking a “pause” from being happy? Ironically there is a philosophical truth in all of these statements I suppose. So is this what the global warming movement has resorted to? Idioms and trick phrases and substitute meanings? Apparently so.

In just the last few months we’ve seen the cable network SHOWTIME announce they are debuting a new series ‘Years of Living Dangerously’—the purpose? To sell global warming and climate change to the masses. The trailer starts off with Director James Cameron stating that 99% of scientists believe in global warming. No mention is made of geoengineering or chemical spraying. Shortly after this the Obama Empire signed an executive order to take over Climate Change legislation.

With NASA images showing the massive increase in the Northern hemisphere ice, the global warming hoaxers (or the global cooling deniers) are now on life support and are willing to try anything to stay alive. In the last few months the global warming/climate change movement has been in survival mode. In an attempt to side step the question of global cooling vs global warming they have now dug up a new term to ignore and discount the global cooling reality we are in. It’s not global cooling it’s a “Polar Vortex” we are seeing. Because if you understood that we are in global cooling, possibly a catastrophic global cooling, then you might be compelled to do something about it. You might even start to question those that cling to the global warming (climate change) lies. Climate change is normal. Most climate change advocates are actually global warming hoaxer in disguise. This movement has become clever with their use of words. “Climate change” is deceptive in so many ways. Climate changers imply that the climate should never change. That is not consistent with historic weather and temperature patterns and is unrealistic. Climate is supposed to change. If you care so much about the process of climate change then find out where the problem may lie. This litmus test will expose climate changers for who they are.

They are mostly people who still believe the original global warming lie which states that human produced CO2 is the actual cause of increase CO2 in atmospheric greenhouse gases which in turn is trapping heat in the atmosphere and forcing progressively warming temperatures on earth. The original Al Gore global warming religion erroneously believes that CO2 is a “pollutant”. Challenge your local climate change hoaxer on this. Ask them, do you believe that CO2 is a pollutant? If they answer yes, then challenge them to explain how they came to that conclusion? Ask them why they think that a naturally occurring compound which all plants and trees on earth rely on for healthy thriving is a “pollutant”? Ask them where you can find a genuine experiment that proves that the fractional percentage of CO2 in atmospheric greenhouse gases is a significant contributor to the actual global temperatures and not the sunlight. Ask them how can you confirm what percentage of atmospheric CO2 is actually contributed by humans and don’t be surprised when they can’t or won’t answer. For a movement that boasts that 99% of scientists agree with them, you would think they would be openly anxious to share the scientific data. This claim (human produced CO2 drives global temperatures) is however, the core argument of the climate change-global warming movement. This core argument was believed for years before humanity started catching on. We now know that the earth has been cooling for some time. Many experts are now predicting possibly catastrophic global cooling. Many of us have observed government sanctioned deadly spraying programs before our eyes for years without any politicians stepping in and putting a stop to these dangerous operations which, due to global dimming effect, are plunging global temperatures.

So while humanity awaits and hopes that the cooling will slow down, and while experts are saying that we are heading toward a cold ice age, the global warming/climate-changers are now pulling together to spin all forms of reality into a neat little package of lies and deflections that fall in the category of – only government would think of this. Amazingly we are told now that all that cooling is nothing more than one of those ‘polar vortexes’. It’s not global cooling or an ice age, it’s just a polar vortex, get it? This is another government deception for the naïve who want to believe. The next time you are in traffic tell yourself, this is not happening, tell yourself you are just in a pause of the free-flow traffic and see how it makes you feel. The lesson to learn in this is that there are always two ways to deny the existence of something. You can either directly state that you deny its existence or you can simply assert the existence of something else in its place. The latter example is a simple form of alternate denial. In a relationship, you can yell and verbally attack the other person (aggressive) or you can ignore them (passive-aggressive), either way you are denying them.

We can probably expect much from this agenda which the current administration is working thoroughly on for months. In the last day or so the movement even resorted to a new storyline. Australia is having record warm temperatures. All the global cooling going on is ignored by mainstream media and now they want us to know that warm temperatures in Australia means global warming is real after all. The polar bears sitting on the block of ice is out and the dead kangaroo on the side of the road is in. Is the dead kangaroo the new image for the global warming movement? Have they given up on the polar bears? Let’s demand of this movement logic and reason instead of words. Let’s demand answers from the movement, not just of their denial, clever titles, and idioms, but let’s challenge them on their silence over geoengineering and the chemical spraying accelerating global cooling while denying the planet of much needed sunlight. Let’s ask the global warming hoaxers and climate change fanatics why they are protecting the advancement of Agenda 21, depopulation and the poisoning of the planet in the name of geoengineering. Martin Luther King Jr. once said: “There comes a time when silence is betrayal” and I agree. The time has come for all climate changers to step up to help humanity. Now is the time for them to ask about geoengineering and help us protest government spraying programs that are killing all of life on earth. Climate changers must be held accountable for their silence on geoengineering. Their silence is now contributing to a catastrophic global genocide that is happening right under our noses. Humanity can no longer tolerate their silence.

Climate changers instead want to jump straight to government “solutions” for “sustainable” living. The positive sounding “sustainable” talk is nothing more than the rolling out of Agenda 21. So while the climate changers and the media roll out their new ‘polar vortex’ deception they will continue acting like Agenda 21 doesn’t exist. They will remain silent while depopulation from sickness and poisoning continues. They will continue to act as though contamination of almost everything we eat is incidental and overrated, as though the 24/7 spraying of metal particles and chaff is part of pollution and plane condensation, and as if HAARP is a thing of the past and the global dimming and cooling is just a polar vortex. This is a continuation of the Orwellian mindset that has gotten us to where we are now. We ought to make every effort to expose this horrible movement which is funded by the very globalists who want depopulation so they can enjoy the planet with a lot less people then there are now. Polar vortex is global cooling. The global cooling that the media doesn’t want you to acknowledge. As we observe the real-time problems of a dying movement we can expect bizarre angles and odd stories and explanations like these to continue.