Mainstream Media: The Historic Purveyors of Fake News

fake-news-propagandaBy Luis Miranda

Fake news are not new and neither is its progenitor, Yellow Journalism. Mainstream media have been, for a long time, the largest purveyors of fake news. No one can debate such a reality.

Indeed, fake news go a longer way and spread faster than real news. It is just a matter of watching CNN for a few minutes to realize how easily fake news are put out and broadcast to thousands in 30 seconds.

In the last 30 years, wars have been promoted and advertised by the most recognised news outlets around the world. From the BBC to CNN, from FOX News to PBS, from MSNBC to ABC, from EL PAÍSto TVE, most mainstream megaphones have played a significant role in spreading “official” versions of reality, which in most cases were just fake news.

Somehow, however, fake news is now attached to alternative media, who are key in providing an alternative source of information to the corporate-controlled fake news.

Alternative media have given corporate media such a run for their money that corporate news sources are now openly attacking alternative media.

Censorship is the most common way of banning real news from being internationally discussed. All Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google impose bans on alternative media on a daily basis.

Video channels and accounts are blacked out without previous warnings or without showing valid reasons. Explanations for the attacks are as simple as “you have violated our publishing policies”, whatever that means.

Today, the mainstream media and governments who control them, label fake news anything that does not support the official story, no matter how extraordinarily fake that official story is. The latest example of fake news are so-called lone wolf mass shootings in the US.

Local and federal law enforcement, as well as mainstream media, push versions of reality that are difficult to believe. According to them, lone shooters are responsible for killing dozens of people in churches and schools, though witnesses always explain that several shooters were seen in military or police gear riddling unarmed children and parishioners.

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