Cancer: Busting the Myths – Natural Cures

natural-cancer-curesThere are copious promising & outright proven natural cancer cures, treatments and remedies – many cheap and easily self-administered.

By Makia Freeman

Natural Cancer Cures exist, and are even widely known, but the first things to get past are your own doubts and fears. It can be hard to step out of the box of orthodox, conventional, mainstream, allopathic Western Medicine, especially when faced with a serious illness like cancer. However, the prospect of facing surgery, radiation or chemo, each with its own set of toxic and even lethal side effects, is not appealing. Below is a summary of a variety of natural cancer cures; many are proven natural cancer treatments with a solid record of efficacy, while others are natural cancer remedies which are promising enough to consider.

Numerous Natural Cancer Cures with Solid Evidence of Efficacy

Humanity has a very good idea of how to handle cancer for a long time – it’s just the top natural cancer cures have been suppressed because there was no money in them (couldn’t be patented by Big Pharma) and because they threatened the Big Pharma monopoly, which is carefully guarded by the likes of the CDC and FDA.

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It is an absolute absurdity that chemotherapy even contains the word “therapy” in it. There is nothing therapeutic about chemo, which sets loose toxic drugs inside your body that indiscriminately kill all cells, healthy or cancerous.